Laura Virgillito has been throughout her life into dance, and movement, she has had the chance to step on several stages, and increase her experience into the professional dance carrier and to deepen the knowledge of movement and of the body. In New York 1992 – 1997, she had a great experience between learning, dancing in the dance Metropole, accumulating new informations, and getting inspired. But since she arrived to Germany her professional carrier and her professionality became finer and richer.

…Richer of exiting projects and works…there is still a long way to dance…

„Raus dem Haus“ Premiere for children 2 + years old - Comedia Theater Cologne.
Regie: Barbara Fuchs

Dance Performance with X –motion for the Tschernobyl Gedenktage.

Dance Performance “ Tanzhautnah “ Cologne.
Developing idea for the next up coming project and the MoviNg AtelieR in Cologne.

Der Alptraum vom Glück - Schauspielhaus Bochum.
Plastic - with x.x.y. theater von Geraldo Si Loureiro.
Passage - main role as performer in the experimental short movie from Conny

“Laura Trapped” - solo choreographed in collaboration with the KünstlerKollektive
“ comme des lezard”.
BABEL 1 - with x.x.y. theater von Geraldo Si Loureiro.

BAUD – with Rodolpho Leoni Dance, created for the “ 3 wochen mit Pina Bausch “
Festival. Performed in Essen, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Krefeld, Bonn, Dortmund, England.
INTENSE – production assistant for MovingTheater, from Emanuele Soavi and
Massimo Geraldi in Cologne and in the Netherlands.

Drachenfelds – multimedial performances / Real time animation for a cartoon
production broadcasted on the television program super RTL.

Johnny spielt auf / Ernst Krenek – Wüppertaler Bühnen in Wuppertal (Germany)

Choreographic installation - with Resistdance movement artist collective / Lincoln Giles.
Start her collaboration as assistant for Sonia Mota in Cologne.

Contorsion - first solo project presented in Italy

Mind the Gap/ Tanztheater – after been invited from Kristine Sommerlade to move to Cologne.
Performances in Germany, Bolivia, Venezuela, Estonia, The Netherlands,
Luxemburg, Austria.