Laura’s dance training focuses on a constant energetically and physical movement created or stimulated from the centre of the body.
Influenced from different technique and the body work of GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® she uses elements of rebounding, isolation and contrast…the use of the centre, the mobilization of the spine as a basic are connected to changes of dynamics, the use of the spiral and of circular movements.
The movement and the emotions will find a connection to each other. The expansion and the expression from inside out is the key.

The warm up starts usually on the floor. We want to mobilize the spine and so wake up our centre… elongate and create space in between the joints.
To proceed on a standing wide series of exercises, across the floor, to conclude with a combination that has the purpose to realize how much looseness and freedom the body as won throughout the class and to be able to freely move through the space.

From the centre of the body the energy expands to the extremities. We search where the movement starts from and achieve the pleasure to move strongly, loose and expanded without loosing the control of balance.

… Play with the body, tickle your emotions…..